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Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Mask – Eye and Lip Contour


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Product Description

The Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Eye & Lip Mask is made from the fermentation of microorganisms, not from mechanical manufacturing process. Alta Care Laboratoires utilizes biotechnology’s techniques to manufacture the skin tissue-like material. This unique decongesting formula produces a protective barrier and collagen production is stimulated. This hydrating mask brightens up dark circles and the absorption of ingredients is 50 times the common eye membrane. The formula was created to inhibit enzymes that break down hyaluronic, collagen and elastin which is the underlying cause of wrinkling.
  • Monodose
  • Post-Op product
  • After peeling
  • After laser treatments
  • After filler
  • After botox
  • Maintenance following eye bag surgery
  • After surgical treatments in the eye and lip contour areas
Post-op peeling, Post-op laser, Post-op fillers, Post-op botox and maintenance following eye bag surgery, dark circle treatment and eye contour wrinkles.
How to use:
Remove the two outer layers of the bio-cellular mask.
Place the Bio-Cellular Mask around the eye contour.
After 30-45 minutes, remove the mask. No need to wash off.
Volume: 8ml/ piece
Made in France

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