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Dermastir Luna New Year Set, Includes:

1. Dermastir Cellular Bar Starter Kit ( with 16 assorted Ampoules)
2. Luxury- Day Cream SPF30+

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Product Description

The Dermastir Cellular Bar is used to activate the skin cells when applying serums and creams onto the skin. When products are applied by hand massage, some of the ingredients are dispersed as they are absorbed by the fingertips. When using Dermastir Cellular Bar, 100% of ingredients penetrate into the skin. The Dermastir Cellular Bar is recommended for all skin types and in combination with all types of serums and creams.
An instant lifting, firming and tightening of skin
Wrinkles, expression lines and frown lines are less visible
Lifting of eye contour area, reduction of “puffy eyes”, crow’s feet and dark circles
Lifting of neck, improvement in face contours. A decrease in water retention as the device drains excess water for a slimmer, smoother face
An increase in microcirculation which results in a more glowing, healthier skin
Made in France
Dermastir Cellular Bar produces 8.000 micro vibration a minute, giving the facial muscles appropriate stimulation and increasing micro-circulation. These devices work through mechanical stimulation of the skin. With age or under the influence of environment, stress or diseases, the skin tends to change its natural balance and electrode potential, which leads to slower metabolism, an increase in toxins in the skin and reduced cell energy. This results in puffiness, spots, acne, wrinkles, loose and sagging skin. By sliding the Dermastir Cellular Bar gently on the skin, the activity of skin cells is regulated and its physiological levels are restored, making the skin look rejuvenated and healthier, reducing the damage caused by free radicals and facilitating nutrition of the skin in combination with Dermastir skin care products.
Switch on the Dermastir Cellular Bar device by turning the rotary switch to an ON position. Hold the device lightly and press it on your skin so that the T-shaped tip is in direct contact with skin. Slowly slide the tip in all directions, along the face muscles and in the direction of lymphatic circulation. For best results, apply Dermastir serums and creams before, during and after the massage with Dermastir Cellular Bar. Use Dermastir Cellular Bar 1-2 times a day. Each treatment should last a maximum of 10 minutes
Dermastir Luxury Day Cream SPF30+ is an intensive nourishing cream with sun protection factor that prevents the formation of wrinkles. This cream is suitable for all types of skin and for all ages, it has a protective action with ingredients that restore a healthy level of hydration.
Sun Protection SPF30+
Innovative airless packaging
Regenerating action
Intensive formula enriched with precious phyto-extracts, vitamins, anti-oxidants, amino acids and collagen
Made in France
DERMASTIR LUXURY NIGHT CREAM is innovative technology by Alta Care Laboratoires is a specific night cream with multiple actions: redefines the features of the face, overwhelms expression wrinkles and attenuates micro-wrinkles. This luxurious cream, with precious nourishing extracts, is enriched with specific night detoxifying and draining elements: algae extracts, phyto-extracts and oligo-elements. The morning following night application, the features of the face are more extended, the skin is more compact, smoother, denser and visibly younger.
Innovative airless packaging
Overwhelms expression wrinkles
Redefines the features of the face
Attenuates micro-wrinkles
Enriched with specific detoxifying and draining elements: algae extracts, phyto-extracts and oligo-elements
Made in France

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