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Anti-epidemic Chinese Herbal Sachet
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Anti-epidemic Chinese Herbal Sachet

Enhance and stimulate immunity=Prevent respiratory tract infections

The guardian of your family health


"Registered Chinese medicine practitioner Recommendation"

The herbal sachet originated from traditional Chinese medical clothing therapy. There was an old saying that "wear a herbal bag keeps insects away". Wearing a sachet can dispel the six unhealthy influences that cause illness and achieve a healthy balance of body and mind.


Carefully selected high-quality traditional Chinese medicines are ground and roasted to make the aroma scented and made into herbal sachets. The formula includes Qiang Huo, Da Huang, Chaihu, Cangzhu, Xixin, Wuzhuyu. All the ingredients are derived from natural herbs and medicines and no chemical additive. It is very natural and safe for people of all ages.

The sachet can be worn on the chest or placed in a pocket, pillow, car, etc. It can not only expel exterior pathogens(Evil Qi) into the body, but also can be used to prevent various respiratory tract infections. Taking sachets and sniffing from time to time can make breathing smooth and relax. It can purify the air and enhance immunity as long term use.


Made in Hong Kong

Each sachet can last for about 2 weeks. (New added)

Not recommended for pregnant women, allergic rhinitis or asthma, and babies under six months.

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