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Zest of Life
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Formulated with Atelocollagen, Hydrolyzed salmon ovary membrane extract, anti-oxidising molecules and carboxyl peptides for long-lasting UV shielding and instant skin repair. Shields and repairs skin simultaneously.



  • Enhanced Skin Tightness: Proteoglycans are large molecules that help to maintain the structure and elasticity of the skin. They can help to enhance skin tightness, making the skin look more firm and youthful.
  • Improved Skin Texture: Proteoglycans can also help to improve the overall texture of the skin, making it feel smoother and softer to the touch.
  • Antioxidant Protection: The exquisite oils in the lotion can provide additional antioxidant protection, which can help to prevent damage from free radicals and environmental stressors.
  • Nourishing and Moisturizing: The oils and atelocollagen in the lotion can help to nourish and moisturize the skin, improving its overall health and appearance.
  • Anti-inflammatory and Soothing: Some of the oils, such as grapefruit oil and orange oil, have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help to calm irritated or inflamed skin.
  • Sun Protection: The lotion likely contains UV filters that can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays, which can cause sunburn, premature aging, and increase the risk of skin cancer.
  • Moisturizing: Atelocollagen is a type of collagen that has been processed to make it more easily absorbed by the skin. It can help to improve skin hydration, elasticity, and overall texture. The lotion can also contain other moisturizing ingredients that can help to nourish and hydrate the skin.
  • Anti-aging: Atelocollagen is known for its anti-aging properties, as it can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the skin. It can also help to promote the production of collagen, which can further improve the skin's appearance.
  • Citrus Scent: The citrus scent can provide a refreshing and energizing aroma, which can help to uplift the mood and provide a sense of freshness.
  • Anti-oxidising molecule to remove any free radicals from the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types



Water, Atelocollagen, Hydrolyzed Salmone ovary membrane extract, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Carboxyl peptides


How to use:

Apply generously on face and areas with frequent sun exposure.



Made in Japan


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