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AG Theory Gel Mask
(Orig. $760)


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Product Description

AGtheory offers a beauty life for your ageing gracefully and elegantly with selected potent glycation care herbal mixture.

One portion just before sleeping! It likes a sleeping mask. Offers you a new skincare custom to wrap your face with gel mask while sleeping for beautiful next morning.

A sleeping, it is not only a rest time of the day but also a very important time for the growth hormone secretion. For such a sleeping time Gel Mask keeps moisture and wrap your face with glycation care substances until the next morning. 


How to use:

After applying Essence over the face, open one portion of Gel Mask and spread it gently for the entire face with your palm. While you are sleeping, the gel wraps your face like a veil and protect a dryness as well. You can feel a moist and vivid texture of your skin and spread evenly with makeup materials in the next morning. 


Volume: 3gx10

Made in Japan

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