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Luxes 2 Seconds Detox Spray
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Refreshes and regenerates fatigue, irritated and stressed skin. Awakens your radiant, calm and energetic appearance instantly.

Improve your skin with a simple 2 SECONDS DETOX SPRAY and it doesn't involve fasting, purging, or a complete rearrangement of your life. It’s a quick and easy method by applying this Aqua Serum Spray that flushes out waste and toxins. Now, its time to wake up in the morning with a fresh, radiant complexion.
This phospholipid based Serum Spray contains Plant Stem Cells of the Argan Tree and Antiox-Detox FP Complex with high-potency organic antioxidants. This ultimate formula protects and vitalizes the dermal stem cells and supports the skin’s detoxification and repair processes. The skin’s resistance will be strengthened.

The Swiss revolutionary 2 Seconds Cellular Bionic Aqua-Botanic Serum Spray transports the active substances to deeper skin layers by using the micro Botanical Liposome Technology and Ginkgo O2 Booster.


• Antioxidant & Cell protection
• Activates detoxification processes of the skin
• Effectively clarifies and deep cleansing the skin
• Energises calms and relaxes the skin


BOTANICAL STEM CELLS, ANTIOX DETOX FP - COMPLEX, ALLANTOIN, ALOE VERA, DEXPANTHENOL *Highly effective complex of fresh plant extracts (fennel, lemon balm, vine leaves, ginkgo) and organic glycerine extracts (mulberry*, rice*, Amalaki, pearl*)

Monthly intensive Detox: Apply AM and PM 4-6 strokes on the clean face and neck and gently pat on to your skin for 3-5 consecutive days without applying other skincare products. Avoid contact with the eyes
Daily Detox: Apply every night 4-6 strokes. Combine with other 2 Seconds Sprays and/or Bionic Elixirum for best results. Avoid contact with the eyes.

The complexion glows again, the skin is clear, relaxed and full of energy with an immediate effect. Leaves a unique sensation of freshness and well-being.

Volume: 50 ml

Made in Switzerland

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