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Luxes 2 Seconds Hydra Filler Spray
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Product Description

Effective moisturizing and protecting ultralight skincare for all skin types. Get a silky smooth, radiant and denser skin.

Plant Stem Cells of Argan Tree(a) and PRO AQUA BG - Complex enriched with polysaccharides regulate the skin's balance of moisture and calm skin irritation and provide intensive, long-lasting hydration.

The Swiss revolutionary 2 Seconds Cellular Bionic Aqua-Botanic Serum Spray transports the active substances to deeper skin layers by using the micro Botanical Liposome Technology and Ginkgo O2 Booster.

• Provides long-lasting moisture
• Increasing skin density
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Relieves irritation & redness

BOTANICAL STEM CELLS, PRO AQUA BG-COMPLEX, ALLANTOIN, ALOE VERA, DEXPANTHENOL  *Pro Aqua BG Complex: the Highly effective complex of organic glycerine extracts* (mallow*, flaxseed*, oat, pearl*, wool*)

Apply AM and PM 4-6 strokes on the clean face and neck and gently pat on to your skin. Combine with other 2 Seconds Sprays and/or Bionic Elixirums for the best results. 

The skin is moisturized fast and long-lasting. It becomes silky smooth, supple and gaining more strength. Fine lines are reduced. The complexion radiates. The skin is relaxed with a unique skin feeling of freshness and well-being.

Volume: 50ml

Made in Switzerland

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