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Anti-aging And Moisturizing Face Cream
(Ori. Price: $390)


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Product Description


Looking good isn’t just an optical illusion!

This rich, non-greasy cream protects you from the effects of pollution, hydrates your skin and helps you to fight against the signs of age and ageing.

Its soft texture penetrates quickly and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.


95% natural ingredients.


Suitable for all skin types


Not tested on animals –  but only on our friends!


 “Airless” pump dispenser which preserves the quality of the product, avoiding waste and guaranteeing optimal distribution.

Tested under dermatological control.





Urban shield



Apply to a thoroughly  cleansed face and neck morning and night.

Press a dose of moisturizing cream and massage onto your whole face starting from the centre moving outwards, and finish with the neck.

Now kiss whoever you want...


Archiman pluses :


If your skin is dry or dehydrated you can apply the moisturizing cream in a thicker layer at night and leave it to hydrate your skin to the max.

Take this perfect skincare product with you everywhere, even doing sport in extreme conditions.




Edible seaweed

A real “urban shield” rich in antioxidants, trace elements and minerals. It ensures biological protection against reactive oxygen and the harmful effects caused by environmental factors (pollution, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, cigarette smoke). It maintains levels of collagen and elastin in the skin, stimulates the regenerative capacity of the skin, helping to keep it soft and supple.


Hyaluronique Acid

It acts as a genuine “Hydration Reservoir”. Naturally present in the skin, it is a major active cosmetic both hydrating and plumping by forming a film on the skin’s surface which, like a little cushion, maintains the hydration of the skin.


Intense Gatuline®

A concentrate of the African flower Spilanthes acmellia which targets saggy areas and deep wrinkles. It smooths the surface of the skin and reinforces the epidermis.


Vitamin E

A powerful antioxidant which makes the skin more supple, reduces roughness, protects the cells against free radicals and increases the elasticity and softness of the skin.


Sweet almond and jojoba oil

These oils nourish and protect the skin by rebuilding the lipid film. Thanks to their softening, toning and regenerating properties they restore the skin’s elasticity and radiance while preserving the skin tissue from premature ageing.


Argina Spinosa

An oil with antioxidant properties which maintains and protects the skin’s protective barrier. It gives the skin a feeling of comfort, suppleness and hydration.


Oil extract of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamin C, phytosterols and flavonoids which make you look good immediately.



A powerful active cosmetic with soothing and healing properties.



This multi-beneficial ingredient smooths the skin, restores its natural defences, improves elasticity, regulates dryness, protects it from harmful outside stimuli, softens and repairs the epidermis.


100% natural perfume

Perfume developed in strict collaboration with ‘a nose’ in the region of Grasse, world capital of perfume. Its woody notes bring a subtle touch of freshness and elegance to your care routine.



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