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EYE Essence X'mas Set


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EYE Essence 6mlx6
Eye Serum contains 11 types of peptides, vitamin C derivatives, and other advanced functional beauty and moisturizing ingredients to keep the eye area soft, shiny, and moisturized. In addition, it eliminates melanin and dark yellow around the eye, allowing you to recover Brightens and tightens the skin around the eyes.

MELA PLUS WH rich cream 40ml
POINT1 Approach to blemishes, liver spots, and dullness -Aim for "visible blemishes"! High content of niacinamide. It inhibits the production of melanin and prevents the melanin pigment produced inside the skin from being transported to the surface of the skin.  POINT2 triple whitening ingredient combination -Approach to "hidden stains" Tranexamic acid, Delentigo™, Mela Trepein™ + white asparagus triple whitening ingredients are blended with a unique formula. By working on the roots of blemishes, it also approaches blemishes that are sleeping deep inside the skin called “hidden blemishes”.   POINT 3 Other luxurious ingredients for whitening <10 types of vitamins> <4 other high-performance peptides> * Suppresses the production of melanin , prevent blemishes and freckles

The essence (placenta extract) (1 bottle) 6ml
High-Concentration Monnal Horse Placenta Essence. With an astounding 70% concentration of precious placental components, this advanced version features an elevated content of umbilical cord extracts, enhancing the essence's activity for triple the effectiveness compared to the initial release.


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