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Monnal New-In Serum (3pcs)
(Ori Price: $1,260)


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蘊含15 種肌膚再生營養因子
針對改善皺紋 鬆弛 暗啞 抗衰老 提升彈性 補濕 細緻毛孔

GF是人體產生的一種蛋白質,具有修復和再生各種細胞的功能,包括產生膠原蛋白,彈性蛋白和透明質酸的細胞。 7GF 精華素是由種不同 GF 因子所組合,可再生皮膚細胞,有強大功能的美容成分,有效激活老化細胞,最大程度地發揮皮膚再生功能,實現細胞再生。阻截老化跡象


EGF KGF KGF 2 FGF IGF TRX VEGF衍生物,蘋果果實培養細胞提取物,酵母發酵提取物,燕窩提取物,彈性蛋白,膠原蛋白,低分子透明質酸

Monnal VC25 Essence 

Whiten spots, reduce pores, cure acne

The fast-acting 25% vitamin C high-concentration serum, a new vitamin C derivative, can quickly penetrate the skin and mix quickly at a high concentration of 25%, which is the limit of the original cosmetic formula. It penetrates into every area of the stratum corneum, lifts the skin from the inside, improves dull skin, makes the skin white and bright, and deeply reduces wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, and acne skin.

Only need to be used once a day

Monnal EYE Essence 

Reduce wrinkles, dark circles, sagging, and dryness

For eye wrinkles, dark circles, and sagging eye skin, the skin around the eyes is thin and easy to dry, so it is more prone to various changes caused by aging.

Eye Serum contains 11 types of peptides, vitamin C derivatives, and other advanced functional beauty and moisturizing ingredients to keep the eye area soft, shiny, and moisturized. In addition, it eliminates melanin and dark yellow around the eye, allowing you to recover Brightens and tightens the skin around the eyes.

Daily uses in the morning and evening.

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Monnal New-In Serum (3pcs)
(Ori Price: $1,260)


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