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Amine Mask
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ATELO’s atelocollagen is a form of collagen that has been specially chemically modified to enhance its properties. This form of collagen is more biocompatible and less immunogenic than other forms of collagen which makes it well-suited for application on the skin. ATELO’s atelocollagen is tagged with other molecules that enhanced attachment to skin surfaces, encouraging the body’s own collagen production.


Improvement of skin texture, firmness and elasticity can be observed after application.

Anti-ageing beauty Mask with purified Atelocollagen 1)Experience tighter, firmer skin 2) Create Sharper facial contours 3)Enjoy a amoother and clearer complexion 4)Reduce and prevent fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags 5) Minimise unsightly pores 6)Easy and convenlent to use                                                        Tests has shown that atelocollagen causes minimal skin inflammation on sensitive skin.

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