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Essence Sheet Plus


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"Essence Sheet Plus" has been developed with an emphasis on providing intensive care for eye concerns. It contains extracts from microorganisms that enhance skin elasticity and radiance (elasticity ingredient: bacillus fermentation ingredient), along with botanical extracts. The slightly larger crescent shaped sheet offers versatility and can be applied to areas such as the laughter lines. Simply applying the sheet under the eyes imparts a convenient and thorough eye care routine. This item is recommended not only for existing users but also for those new to eye care.   Bacillus Fermentation ingredient enhances skin elasticity, Bacillus, a bacterium widely found in air, water, soil, etc., was used in the form of fermentation extract obtained from extremophile microorganisms living in salt tolerant plants in Mallorca, Spain. This extract imparts a firm and supple texture to the skin, while the crescent shaped point care sheet targets specific concerns like dryness and lack of elasticity under the eyes.

Arnica Flower Extract tightens the skin
Extracted from vibrant blue flowers, this extract tightens the skin around the eye area to
counteract morning puffiness and leads to bright and growing skin.


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